Spray paint art tutorial is a useful way to learn the secrets of spray painting. By watching and learning from the experts you can bring your own skills up to scratch and experiment with other techniques to develop a style all of your own.

This is important, because unless you’ve taken art in school or college, your actual painting skills will be lacking and even though you might have an interest in art, it can be tough at the start knowing how to begin and how to apply techniques you’ve seen but never tried for yourself.


A good place to start?

Well, unless you live in a big city with some tourist trade, the chances are slim that you’ll come across a spray painter on the streets creating live pictures that you can watch. I’ve only seen spray painting in San Francisco and San Antonio, Ibiza (Spain). So even though you may live in a spray painting hotspot, the best option for watching and learning by repetition is going to be the internet.

That’s the beauty of the internet and video websites like Youtube. You can watch the videos over and over again until you get a feel for how the artists create the paintings. It’s not always easy to learn something for the first time, but video tutorials certainly give you a blow by blow account of how a painting starts and finishes.


Spanish Sky


Sometimes artists use time lapse photography/video to speed up the production time, but these skipped parts are generally just repetition of a technique that has already been shown. The obvious benefit of video tutorials is their replay value. If you don’t quite understand how something is done, simply keep skipping back to the point and watch the technique again.

Although videos are superb for showcasing spray paint talent, it can still be difficult to fully see what the artist is doing with their tools and fingers. Simple things like which distance and angle to hold the spray can, don’t always show up on videos and this can make huge differences to your paintings. When people draw with their fingers under the newspaper sheets, you can’t see exactly what they’re doing, this is where you need to practice yourself.


Advanced lessons?

There are many fine purveyors of the spray art, from its’ inception in Mexico among a handful of practitioners to the multitude of artists who have mushroomed out from these humble beginnings. Unless artists online are specifically making video tutorials that explain every step you can struggle to nail down the basics at the start.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Brandon McConnell, aka Spacepainter on Youtube. His artwork runs into hundreds of pieces and the clips have had thousands of views and comments. He now paints to order and uploads these onto his channel where he sometimes gives a running commentary on how he’s producing the art. He is very much at the top of the game.

Another cool source for a spray paint art tutorial also on Youtube is Spraycasso. He makes superb beginner videos, which I’ve personally copied for my own paintings.

There are literally dozens of other artists, of varying skill levels and some have their own websites, which can be a useful source of further training and instructional videos, as well as a place to source supplies.

If you want someone who has been trained directly from the original scene on Mexico, check out Alisa Amor, another superb spray paint artist who runs a membership club to teach spray painting to the masses. Her program even helps to support the original members in Mexico who started the ball rolling decades ago.


Alisa Amor – Author of Spray Paint Art Secrets



The best tutorial?

The best way to learn spray paint art is to get together your materials and supplies and just dive in. Keep watching the videos online and if you want to learn fast consider purchasing an instructional video or membership course from the experts. You’ll see how good they are from their videos online, so there’s no denying the talent that they can share with you.

Don’t worry if your first dozen or so paintings are poor, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll create anything really good at the start and if like me you do create a painting that you really like, be prepared to completely cock it up with one final ‘last touch’. The spray paint art tutorial will help bring your skills along, but the fun is in doing it yourself.